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The OA website has two main aims:

  • To keep the school updated with address details for the mailings that we send out periodically
  • To allow an exchange of news between OAs

Many of the OAs who have registered have written in with news of what they are doing now, and we try to keep up with information that we hear on the grape-vine.  In order to read the news items that are published on the site, it is necessary to access the protected area of the website which can be done with the aid of the password that is allocated on registration.

So, if you are reading this, we would like you to do two things:

  • Register on the website if you have not already done so
  • Email (or send in a letter) news that we can publish on the site (the way that the site is set up makes it impossible for anyone except us to publish news items, which ensures that no nonsense is published!)

Headmaster's Introduction

At St Andrew's we are very proud of our long history. This rich heritage surrounds us today. Amongst the modern facilities and technology of more recent years one will see photos of by-gone days and headmasters past as well, of course, as the stripey-blazered pupils moving from one lesson to the next. A spoken history is passed down from one generation to the next so that the children of today still learn about the school's Victorian origins and St Andrew's Day is celebrated as enthusiastically as ever.  Good schools cannot wallow in nostalgia, but nor should they forget where they came from.  At St Andrew's I believe that the roots are in the C19th but that its branches are spreading gloriously into the 21st.

The OA Society is an integral part of the Androvian jigsaw and helps maintain our links with our fascinating history. I hope that you will want to visit the school, perhaps meet some of your teachers, reminisce a little and help maintain those links between the past and the present. The continued support and interest of countless OAs is much valued and contributes to the continuing success of the school.  I look forward to meeting many of you and hearing your tales and memories of St Andrew’s school life as you knew it.

Gareth Jones